What is the difference between a frying pan and a wok?

Time:2019-09-05 08:13:04

1. First of all, from the structural point of view, the frying pan is generally flat, so the difference is that the wok is round or semi-circular. Because of its different functions, it is designed to meet its functions. Effective. The flat bottom is suitable for frying food. In the process of cooking, it is not necessary to stir-fry the food. If it is necessary to stir fry, then the round bottom pot is more suitable, especially for the stew. For example, the effect of the round bottom pot is even more obvious.

2. From the point of view of heat, the heating effect of the frying pan will be even better. For the wok, the heat is more concentrated, and the use of the frying pan on the induction cooker is much more, then the wok is even more It is suitable for use as a fire such as an open fire. In terms of weight, the frying pan is relatively thick enough, so the wok is still relatively thin. This design is mainly needed in the process of cooking food.

3, there is a certain difference between the frying pan material and the wok. The main thing is that the frying pan is made of heat-conducting materials, so when it is fried, it is also a trial for baking and cooking. So for vegetables, seafood, etc., you don't need long-term cooking, then we choose the frying pan is more appropriate.

4, in general, frying pans and woks still have their own advantages, we can choose according to the needs of the usual, then need to be reminded that for those who like light taste, bad appetite You can choose a frying pan, but for those who like to eat very rich dishes, the wok is more suitable.

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