Quality Requirements for Die Casting Pot Products

Time:2019-09-05 08:03:48

Die-casting pot products are used in people's lives, so it has three main characteristics: first, its raw materials can not contain harmful substances; second, it can not foam after baking; third, the appearance should be beautiful, can not have slight casting defects. To this end, the quality requirements of die-casting pots should include the following aspects:

(1) The raw materials of the pot include the pot body and the coating, which should not contain any elements harmful to human health, such as lead and arsenic in the aluminium material, and some even have certain standards for copper and zinc content; the coating must be made of Teflon material, etc.

(2) Cold isolation and flow marks are not allowed on the surface of castings after die casting. Because of its existence, peeling will occur after shot blasting.

(3) No pinholes shall be allowed in the appearance of the castings after they have been processed (such as the bottom of the car and the side of the car).

(4) After the casting is heated (according to the sintering temperature of the coating required for the casting), no bubbles shall appear on its surface.

(5) After the casting has been cleaned and polished, there shall be no shortcomings such as lack of meat, excessive meat, scars, pitting and burrs.

(6) Deformation of castings must be within the allowable range, and a covered die-casting pot must be ensured to be flat.

(7) There must be no shrinkage in the appearance of castings, so it is necessary to strictly control the early opening of the die casting process.

(8) After the casting is coated, there shall be no blistering, pitting, flow marks and wrinkles on the surface (heavy work). The color shall meet the requirements of the sample, and the sintered coating shall be able to pass the relevant functional requirements of the coating.

In summary, the quality requirements of die-casting pot products have certain particularities compared with other die-casting products, and the overall quality requirements even exceed those of car die-casting products.

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