How should kitchen cookware be properly disinfected?

Time:2019-09-05 07:29:41

The cleanliness of kitchen utensils and tableware in our daily life is an important part of ensuring our health, food hygiene and disease prevention. In order to ensure that they are not contaminated, we should pay more attention to the disinfection methods of cooking utensils and tableware. The fire-free re-cooking pot manufacturer introduces you to some simple methods of disinfection.

1, cookware disinfection

You can put the used cookware into the water, drip a little detergent, wash the greasy, stains, and rinse it with water to put it in the cabinet. When using the cookware, soak it in boiling water or put the cookware in boiling water to boil. In about 10 minutes, the bacteria will be killed. In addition, it can be soaked in bleaching powder: use a small spoon of bleaching powder and two cups of cold water to prepare a bleaching solution. Put the washed cookware into the soak, take it out after two minutes, rinse it off with water, and use it.

2, tableware disinfection

The simple method is to disinfect with a detergent. Put the used tableware into the basin, add warm water, drip a little detergent, brush it clean, wash it with water, and put it in the cabinet. Potassium permanganate can also be used for disinfection. Take about 10 grains of zinc permanganate, add half of the basin of cold water, soak the tableware in potassium permanganate solution for 10 minutes, then you can achieve the purpose of sterilization, and then you can use it with water.

The most ideal disinfection method is to put the washed tableware into the pot and completely soak it in water for heating. When the water is boiled, keep it for two minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Disinfect the tableware in the cabinet, or cover it with a gauze, and let the remaining water dry naturally. Do not wipe it with a rag to prevent re-contamination.

If it is a used dishware for the patient, it must be cleaned and disinfected separately.

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